Protect your investment in your website with our WordPress Care Plans. Like a car needs regular maintenance to keep running safely and optimally, your WordPress website needs regular care to perform like it should for your business or organization.


WordPress is an ever-changing platform offering new capabilities and security fixes on a regular basis. It is critical to keep the software that runs your website up to date. Our care plans all include updates to the WordPress core software, plugins, third-party themes. We also update PHP on your server, the programming language that makes all of WordPress work.


WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. That popularity makes for a great product and a great ecosystem of themes and plugins to go with it. It also makes a good target for hackers. We set up your website with optimal security measures, called “hardening.” We also continually monitor and scan your site for malware, viruses, malicious code, and more.


Backups and security go hand in hand. If your website is hacked, backups allow your site to be restored to its last stable version. We backup your site regularly to off-site servers to reinstate your site if there are issues with the server your site is hosted on.


$65 per month

WordPress core software updates
Plugin updates
Commercial theme updates
PHP updates
Complete backups
Security monitoring and scanning
Uptime monitoring
Test loading time


$95 per month

All Basic features plus:
Performance optimization
Database optimization
Search for broken links
Google Analytics setup
Search Console setup
Check for Search Console errors
Visual inspection


$135 per month

All Enhanced featured plus:
Site traffic report
Hack / malware cleanup
Removal from search engine blacklists
Fix Search Console errors WooCommerce support

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