What is Web Accessibility?

Website accessibility means that people with varying abilities and different devices can gain information or make transactions on your website. Accessibility offers access for users with visual, hearing, motor, or cognitive disabilities. These disabilities can be permanent, temporary, or situational. Accessibility brings other important benefits to your website, like better user experience for all and improved search engine optimization (SEO).

26% of Americans have some type of disability

Centers for Disease Control

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    Why Choose Web Accessibility?

    Reaching a Wider Audience

    An accessible website enables you to connect with more people, people who are not served by other inaccessible websites.

    Improving User Experience for Everyone

    Improving accessibility offers your visitors content that’s easier to read, structure that’s easier to understand, navigation that’s more flexible to use, and a host of other user experience benefits.

    Boosting Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    When you provide a better user experience on your website through accessibility, you improve the search engine optimization of your website.

    Protection From Lawsuits

    Companies with inaccessible website are being sued in increasing numbers under the Americans With Disability Act.

    Our Web Accessibility Services

    Accessibility Audit

    We review your website for existing issues.

    Site Remediation

    We remove barriers to access on your website.

    Accessible Design and Development

    We create an accessible website for you.

    96.3% of home pages had accessibility failures.


    Reach people with web accessibility that your competitors are not.

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