Making WordPress Your Own

Learn What you Need to Know About WordPress in This Free Webinar, “Making WordPress Your Own.”

Get up to speed on creating and publishing content in this free webinar. Learn how to manage your media and make important settings. You will see how you can add new capabilities to your site that serve your goals. This presentation includes demonstration of the skills and tools discussed as well as a Q&A session. With this webinar, you will be set to take charge of your website.

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Get Personal WordPress Training

WordPress’ slogan is “Democratizing Publishing” and I believe in WordPress’ ability to do that. One of the most important things I do as a WordPress business owner is helping site owners and managers get the most of WordPress. So whether you want to learn more about WordPress or need specific guidance to complete a do-it-yourself WordPress project, I’m here to assist.

With one-on-one training, you’ll learn by doing in a patient and supportive atmosphere. We use Zoom to connect virtually where we can share screens.

Maybe you want to update multimedia content or create complex page layouts. I can help with that. I help you install and set up a theme or plugin. Ready to step into code? I’ll shows you how to customize your site with CSS. Or maybe you want overall training on the skills needed to run a WordPress site. Let’s get together!

WordPress training at laptop