Why WordPress?

With a variety of website builders available, why would you choose WordPress? There are many powerful reasons why WordPress is such a popular choice.

Why Use WordPress?

You Have Full Control of Your Website

When you install self-hosted WordPress (WordPress.org) on your web hosting account, you retain total control of your site. This means you, or your developer, can make changes to all levels of your site. Some website builders, only allow you to work with what they want to offer. This makes it difficult or impossible to adequately set up critical aspects of your site, like web accessibility.

Website Portability

Because your hosting is separate from your website, you can move your site to another host. Using a website builder means your website only works on the platform it was created on.

Managing Your Own Content

You can add pages, remove pages, edit pages, and more, with functions that are clearly and cleanly presented in WordPress’ “behind the scenes” administration panels. Right off the bat or with a little training, you can create and publish your own content with WordPress.

Creating Dynamic Content

With its roots as a blogging platform, creating dynamic content in WordPress is easy. For instance, when you add a blog post and it’s automatically added to the top of your blog page, saving time in your update. WordPress also offers a variety of ways for users to access your information: by category, by tag, by author. Your visitors can read your content the way they want to read, automatically.

Customizing the Look and Feel of Your Website With Themes

WordPress allows you to customize the look of your site with themes and there are an enormous number available. Currently, there are over 4,700 pre-made themes available for free in the WordPress theme repository alone. Using a pre-made theme can be a good way to get started quickly with a new site. Pre-made themes may also be altered to include your logo, colors, typefaces, and other design elements. Or you may choose to have your theme built from scratch, customizing your website to your specific needs.

Extending Your Website’s Functionality With Plugins

WordPress’ core functionality cover the basics you’ll need to get started. Features, like contact forms, social media sharing, advertising, affiliate marketing, and more can be added with plugins. There are plenty to choose from, with over 59,000 in the WordPress plugin repository alone. Free and premium plugins will let you do just about anything you want to accomplish with your site.


Right out of the box, WordPress optimizes your website for the major search engines. For finer controls, there are SEO plugins designed to help improve your site’s search engine ranking.

What can be done with WordPress?